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Weekly Obenson Report Recap - Top 10 Hits - 6/30/08 To 7/6/08

This seemed like a good idea... so, I'm doing it.

From now on, at the end of every week, I'll post the top 10 most popular posts of the previous week, incase anyone missed an entry or two.

Here are the 10 for the week of 6/30/08 through today, 7/6/08, in chronological order - newest first.

Script Review 'Tonight, He Comes'/'Hancock"2 comments7/5/08
Black Box Office: Mid-Year Review 7/4/08
Trailer - 'Meet Dave' (Eddie Murphy) 2 comments7/3/08
9 Ways 'Hancock' Could Have Been Better 2 comment7/2/08
So... I Saw 'Hancock' Last Night...2 comment7/2/08
How About A Can Of Booty Sweat?6 comments7/1/08
'I'm Through With White Girls' 5 comments7/1/08
Vanity Fair's Hollywood Next Wave3 comments7/1/08
'Prince Of Broadway' Wins At LAFF3 comments6/30/08
I Was Profiled For A Documentary...2 comments6/30/08

Here's to another week of news and views!


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