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So, I Was Profiled For An Upcoming Documentary...

I spent much of my day yesterday (Sunday) with filmmaker and indieWIRE Network blogger, Sujewa Ekanayake. Sujewa came up with the brilliant novel idea to make a feature documentary about independent film bloggers like myself, appropriately titled The Indie Film Bloggers: A Portrait of a Community - essentially, a documentary about people who blog about independent movies, the scene/industry, and related matters.

Sujewa is based in the Washington DC area, but he spent part of his weekend here in New York City shooting and directing on-camera interviews with film bloggers working in New York. I was lucky enough to be one of 3 bloggers he interviewed for his documentary yesterday. The other 2 were Brandon Harris who blogs at Cinema Echo Chamber, and Brian Geldin who blogs at The Film Panel Notetaker.

Despite the sweltering heat, Sujewa got through all 3 profiles, travelling to each of our apartments to shoot each interview, logging around 2 rather heavy bags, loaded with camera, microphone and lighting equipment.

Given that I hosted a podcast for about 8 months last year through early this year, I'm much more used to being the interviewer, not the subject, so this took some initial adjustment on my part, but once we got into the flow of things, our conversation reflected our comfort... well, my comfort I suppose. We touched on a variety of subjects, mostly related to film, of course, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the entire piece cuts together with all the other profiles Sujewa plans on shooting for the finished product which he says will be completed this fall, 2008.

I'm excited to have participated in this project because I met 3 filmmakers in a span of one day - 1 who lives literally within 2 blocks of where I live (even though we've never met), and I was truly inspired just by being in their presence. Sujewa is a true DIY (do-it-yourself) filmmaker, and his drive and ambition are not only palpable but also contagious. I got to meet Brandon Harris and Brian Geldin as well, both cinephiles, and I was also very inspired by their individual efforts.

After the day was all over, I sat in my apartment staring at nothing for an extended period of time, realizing how invigorating it all was, spending time with these 3 fellows. These are the kinds of people I need to be around more often, for reasons I already mentioned. As an artist, especially a scribe, one can lead a rather insular life, understandably; but the experience of being around other artists from time to time is just as necessary, and that's something I tend to forget sometimes... until I have a day like I did yesterday. Thus I plan on making a habit of this.

Check out the website for Sujewa's documentary at The Indie Film Bloggers movie blogspot. He also blogs at DIY Filmmaker. which is part of the indieWIRE Blog Network. While you're at it, read his sound review of Medicine For Melancholy, as well as his Q&A with the director of that film, Barry Jenkins. Sujewa has also completed several films - both short and long-form - and you can find out about each one at his DIY Filmmaker blog.

I will post any info about the documentary as it comes to me, so pay attention!


  1. albertine said...

    Congrats Mr Obenson! Kudos to you all. I'll be looking out for the documentary. Interesting idea definitely.

  2. Anonymous said...

    I can see that dome inflating from here...lolol. Very cool :o)

    - P

  3. karthika said...


    aegan stills, songs

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