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Trailer - 'Meet Dave' (Eddie Murphy, Gabrielle Union)

I didn't realize this had been circulating around the blogosphere for some time already. I hadn't seen it until today, so I'm posting it for those who haven't seen it either.

The film is called Meet Dave (formerly known as Starship Dave). The plot: In busy New York's Central Park a massive fireball crash lands, with a man emerging unscathed. He's Dave (Eddie Murphy), a human-shaped spaceship controlled by 100 little aliens. Its captain (also played by Murphy) pilots the Dave Spaceship along with his crew from inside its head. The aliens are seeking a way to save their planet, however complications arise when Dave falls in love... with a white woman (cue dramatic crescendo here).

The film opens July 11th. Will I see it? Umm... No!! I think this one's for the little kiddies.

Here's the trailer for the $100 Million film, starring the no-longer-retiring Eddie Murphy and Gabrielle Union. Given the budget, might this be another Pluto Nash?:


  1. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...
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  2. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...

    Haven't seen an Eddie Murphy flick since...

    Anyway, this one actually looks like something I might sit through if I stumbled across it on TV (hell, no, I'm not paying to see it!).

    And I'm not surprised he falls for a white woman (even though she rams into him with her car) - um, did you see the Angry Black Woman at the beginning of the trailer!?


    And what's with the dodgy British accent?

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