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Spike Lee To Film Broadway's 'Passing Strange'

Not quite what I was expecting, but I suppose this will have to do for now. When I read the headline on Entertainment Weekly's website, I was hoping that the article following the link would state that Spike was adapting the Broadway stage musical for the theatrical film screen. Alas, that's not exactly the case. It's more like a recording of the stage production, as it's being performed - like a filmed concert essentially. I guess it's for those people who'd like to see Passing Strange but don't live in New York, or just can't afford to pay the pricey theatre tickets.

If you've never heard of Passing Strange, CLICK HERE to catch up, and then read the article below.

From Entertainment Weekly:

- Spike Lee is going to Broadway. The Oscar-nominated writer/director will be spending part of his July filming the Tony-winning production Passing Strange. Lee will film the musical by singer/songwriter Stew over the course of a weekend, shooting two shows with audiences and then a third one without. (He did a similar thing with his 2000 concert film The Original Kings of Comedy.) Passing Strange's producers are financing the production, and while no distribution deal has been set, sources believe it will air on cable television upon completion. The musical centers on a young black musician who sets off on a journey to find "the real" after being raised in a church-going middle-class Los Angeles neighborhood. It was originally developed at the Sundance Institute Theatre Lab.


  1. Kristy said...

    I was at the show sat.night before closing. Spike's son was sitting in front of me filming along w/an entire crew. I got to shake Spike's hand and b.s. w/his son. An amazing production anyway and now enhanced w/great memories of meeting a film icon! Everyone should check out Passing Strange, the soundtrack and the production/film when it's available.

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