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Thursday Funnies - P Diddy Is Happier Than A Mutha***** About Hancock!

I should start calling these Diddy posts, The Diddy Chronicles... or borrowing from Invisible Woman and her Terrence Watch, I could call it P Diddy Watch. I think I like The Diddy Chronicles better ;o)

Anyway, so P Diddy is waxing philosophic again, and you know what that means, right? Thunderous laughter!! Not because the things he says are always funny, or meant to be, but rather because Diddy is just funny without even trying to be. So, I guess I'm not laughing with him as much as I am laughing AT him!

This time, the subject of his affections is Hancock, the Will Smith movie (what else, right), as he laments on the plight of the black superhero.

The video clip follows below, but here are a few tasty quotes from the horses mouth:

- "It's 2000 and muthafuckin' 8, and shit is changing, y'know. Black man is on the rise; it's a beautiful thing. I went to a premiere last night of Hancock, and we got a BLACK MUTHAFUCKIN' SUPERHERO and I'm HAPPIER THAN A MUTHAFUCKA!"
- "Hancock bitches! HANCOCK!"
- "I feel proud that my kids can go see a superhero who looks like them... because we got a black superhero and his muthafuckin' name is Hancock... BITCH!"

I wonder if maybe Diddy missed the part about Hancock being a drunken, foul-mouthed, self-destructive loser who's in love with a white woman! And yes, the capitalized words mean that he was yelling when he uttered them.

"HANCOCK BITCHES!" Ok Diddy. Alright now kid.

Here's the video:


  1. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...

    Um... So, um...

    Did he watch the same movie everyone else has been talking about? Only...

    Um... OK, well, um... Yay, black pride...! Yay, Hancock...!

    He's being sarcastic, right...? Right?

    No...? Someone hand that fool a Marvel comic to er... watch!


  2. Rain said...

    Ditto to what Wendy stated...additionally (and just to be clear, I am African American), I do understand what the underlying point was here - that we should have had more figures even in fiction that resembled us, but could he possibly stop chomping and smacking the gum as he speaks? I couldn't watch the entire clip because his chomping became that annoying. Dang, start with that being something for his children to emulate...not chomping and smacking gum...

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