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Film Recommendation - 'I'm Through With White Girls'

DISCLAIMER: I haven't seen it yet, so this is a recommendation based on the praise of trusted sources.

A few little birds told me that the film is much more worthwhile than its title or trailer might indicate. It's had a nice festival run, won some awards, and to my knowledge is without a distributor.

The film is called I'm Through With White Girls. As I started off saying, a few little birds told me that the film's title isn't entirely indicative of how strong the film itself really is. I've known about the film since last fall, and its title has always made me cringe a little, and actually, single-handedly turned me away from it - something that could be to the film's detriment. I realize it's a kind of catchy title, one that will probably register with some audiences. But its sub-title would have been much more appealing than the title the filmmakers went with. Its sub-title is, The Inevitable Undoing Of Jay Brooks.

So, take your pick - 2 tickets for I'm Through With White Girls or 2 tickets for The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks?

I'll be seeing it next week Monday night at the Afro Punk Festival here in Brooklyn, New York. I'll post a review of it afterwards.

Here's the trailer:


  1. albertine said...

    I did see this actually. Short version: predictable yet entertaining. It felt wholly original and fresh for the first half but then becomes a routine love story in the second. So nothing to get too excited about, but a promising start. Go see it next week. I'd like to know what you think.

  2. Qadree said...

    I saw this film last year when I saw the film Blackout. I did a post on my old blog about Blackout, but I chose not to write about this one because I just didn't like some of the things I saw in it.

    The production values are good and I think it will appeal to the MTV crowd, but the film makes some very negative statements about black women and never tries to balance things out.

    Jay's reason for not dating black women is because, according to him, black women only go for guys who have money and/or alpha male status. I thought the film was going to show the flaws in this way of thinking, but instead goes on to reinforce it.

    Jay meets white women who are all willing to accept and get to know him, they are depicted as normal human beings for the most part. The black women he meets are extreme caricatures, but they are treated as if they are the norm, confirming his original reason for not dating black women. The only woman who stereotypes him racially is an Asian.

    I thought it was interesting that the film managed to depict all of these strange black women, but didn't show one of the most common experiences black men encounter when dealing with white women, and that's the issue surrounding the curiosity about a black mans sexual prowess, dick size, etc. In my experience this is the only reason many white women have for talking to you.

    Jay's line of thinking and the way it's reinforced in this film makes it look like white women are all sensitive, get to now you types, they would never be attracted to a man because of his money or status, that's black womens territory.

  3. The Obenson Report said...

    Doesn't sound at all like anything I'd want to see based on your take. Like I said in the post, the title alone scared me off, and the trailer doesn't do much to win me over either, so I didn't bother seeing it when it played in my area previously. But then others who did see it encouraged me to do the same, so I will next week and will post my thoughts soon thereafter.

  4. Anonymous said...

    interesting, thanks for your summary Qadree. i never even heard of it until today. i did not like the trailor. your summary seems to be very accurate. i have no interest in seeing. bw have enough stereotypes to battle without this type of film making it to the forefront of hollywood.
    it is my prayer that The Lord heal the situation of black women. this is one of the reasons i am so very proud of and glad to see obama in the position that he is in because the world (and our own men) act as though we are so untamed and unlovable. and what is even more disturbing is, most black men don't seem to be aware and think that we are just complaining about a bunch of nothing, that we are just jealous or that we should just change (becasue they agree with the generalization). it truly saddens my heart because all races of women truly should be celebrated.........

  5. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...

    Ditto what anonymous said...

    The negative stereotyping of black women is a little wearisome - even, and maybe even especially, in the name of entertainment!

    Tambini, I'd love for your review to be closer to what your friends thought of the movie than what Qadree has said here, but I already have my doubts.

    Oh, and before I even saw the trailer, the most predictable thing about the movie was that it'd be a half-white girl that might break him away from his melanin-deficient fetish... because, as Qadree mentions and the trailer suggests, all all-black, black girls are, well... scary!


  6. Barry Jenkins said...

    I've seen the film as well...many of these criticisms (and praises) are all valid in my opinion of the movie (thumbs up, for what it's worth)...though with a few qualifications of course. I'll be looking for your review. I expect there'll be quite the discussion going on in the comments section!

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