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Wanna Be In A Spike Lee Joint? More Details On The 'Strange' Shooting

If you happen to be in the New York area on July 19th, do yourself a favor and pick up tickets to see the Tony Award winning Broadway musical, Passing Strange, written and directed by Mark Stewart (aka Stew), frontman for the indie rock group, The Negro Problem. Not only will you enjoy an interesting production, but you'll also be in the audience the day Spike Lee will be filming the entire show for both cable TV broadcasts and a theatrical release later this year or next.

Here are details from MTV's Movies Blog:

- "With 'Rent,' they didn't film the play, they made a movie," Lee said. "This is a hybrid."

Lee promised he wouldn't be "getting in the way" of the production, which he said he loves. But Lee did promise he'd spice up the show with "things I've never done before, things you've never seen before," he teased. What things? "I can't say," he laughed. "Then it wouldn't be a surprise!"

Lee plans to shoot the show four times — two with an audience, for the July 19 matinee and evening performances, and two without an audience, on July 20 and 21. The show's producers hope that longtime fans of the show return to attend the July 19 performances. "Tickets are on sale," Lee intoned in an announcer-type voice. "Operators are standing by now."

Because of the scale of the shoots, the show's producers said the budget was in the range of $2 million.

Whoa! $2 Million to shoot a staged play? Doesn't that seem a little high? After all, he's not directing the play. He's just like an observer with a camera (and a crew). Shit! I can rent a Sony HD camcorder for the weekend, with an onboard microphone, a tripod and shoot the show for a heck of a lot less ;o) I hope all that Spike says about "doing things he's never done before" with the production are worthwhile!



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