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Vanessa Bell Calloway, Dawnn Lewis, Ananda Lewis, Tatyana Ali In 'The Divorce'

So what are Vanessa Bell Calloway, Dawn Lewis, Ananda Lewis and Tatyana Ali doing these days you ask?

I was wondering the same thing, and thankfully, an answer surfaced this morning!

From EURweb:

- Vanessa Bell Calloway stars alongside co-stars Dawnn Lewis, Ananda Lewis and Tatyana Ali this Saturday in Don B. Welch’s stage play “The Divorce,” playing at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. Showtime for “The Divorce” is slated for 8 p.m.

Like anyone else, Calloway said she’s just trying to stay employed. For African American actresses, particularly those who are part of the 40-and-over-club, gainful employment has now become a roll of the dice with many of them crapping out. Quality roles for women such as the great Angela Bassett and the ageless Pam Grier, are simply too far and between.

“I’m looking for a job,” Calloway said emphatically. “The reality in our business is that when you get offered a job, you take it. You audition for what is available, which is different than our white counterparts. Then you have to conform to whatever that character is. I like to do whatever is character-driven and good.”

The character Calloway plays in “The Divorce,” is a role that usually typifies the former Alvin Ailey dancer: sassy and blunt. In the play, Calloway plays the role of Eva Owens, who like the other women, helps Dawnn Lewis’ character celebrate the breakup of her marriage with a divorce party.

At least they're working on something right? If I was in L.A., I might actually check this out.



  1. albertine said...

    Hmm. I hope it's not a Tyler Perry chitlin circuit kind of stage play. Never heard of it until now. I cosign what you said about seeing it. I'm curious. Nice to see all 4 lovely faces in the collage you got up there. It's easy to forget that there are so many black women performers out there who are being completely ignored by Hollywood.

  2. Invisible Woman said...

    Hmmmm....might have to mosey on over there....

  3. BChickFilmmaker said...

    I'm glad I found this blog. I'm a black chick filmmaker and it's my passion to create quality roles for black actresses.

  4. The Obenson Report said...

    Albertine - Me too... I hope it's not a Tyler Perry kind of soap opera drama.

    IW - if you do see it, I'd love to know your thoughts, so I'll be looking out for a review on your blog :o)

    bchick - Thanks for blessing this blog with your words! Stick around; it gets even better :o) Looking forward to reading more of your comments, especially as a fellow black filmmaker.

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