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Tiger Woods - World's First Billionaire Athlete

Dear Tiger... Brotha can you spare a dime? A nickle? A penny? Sumthin'? There's a wonderful, hardworking family of 5 living on my block - 2 parents and 3 kids under 10 - who are barely surviving on a household income of around $30,000 a year. They could really use a hand. You'll be putting some of all that cash you've earned to wonderful use; it'll make you feel good; and you won't even miss the little bit that you send their way, because that's really all they need... just a little help to get over a financial hump. They're not greedy. In fact, you probably have enough in your wallet right now to feed the entire family for a month!

Whadaya say Tiger? Your generosity and altruism will be greatly appreciated!

Gracias buddy!

From Reuters:

- Tiger Woods is on course to become the first billionaire athlete, with the popular U.S. golfer proving a marketing dream, according to Forbes Magazine.

Woods, who won the U.S. Open last month despite a bad knee, is on track to exceed $1 billion in career earnings by 2010 after earning $115 million in 2007, said the American magazine which publishes an annual list of the world's richest people.



  1. albertine said...

    I used to get excited about little Tiger's accomplishment years back when he was just starting to get his groove on.Now I'm just tired of him. I hope he and his billions are happy together.

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