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15 Of The Greatest Black Superheroes Of All Time

A significantly improved list of top black superheroes, compared to yesterday's humorous attempt by the good folks at AOL Black Voices. This one comes from the appropriately named website. I'm sure you can guess what their specialty is based on their name alone.

Looking over the list, realizing that I wasn't aware of many of these black superheroes, I wondered whether anyone in Hollywood would ever consider flushing out one of these characters and creating a franchise similar to the likes of Batman, Spiderman and now, very likely, Iron Man. I'd like to see one of them given the same kind of serious, respectable treatment that the new Batman series is enjoying under Christopher Nolan's direction. There was the Blade trilogy with Wesley Snipes, but, the second installment, directed by Guillermo Del Toro was by far the most inventive and thus the best of all 3. The third one STUNK! There was Spawn with Michael Jai White, but that wasn't very well produced, in my humble opinion, and was rather forgettable. So, c'mon Hollywood, give a black superhero a break here will ya! Make that Black Panther movie that's been circulating for awhile now! But PLEASE keep it out of John Singleton's hands... PLEASE!

And with that, from, here's the #1 black superhero on their top 15 list, Black Panther:

- Arguably the best of the Black superheroes, the Black Panther is the king and protector of the African nation of Wakanda, a technological and economical jewel of a nation nestled in the heart of Africa. The Black Panther, empowered by the Panther God, is endowed with speed, strength, and skill above that of normal mortals. T'Challa, the current Black Panther, is not only a skilled warrior, but also a masterful tactician, fair and just ruler, inventor, and all around master of all he endeavors. He joined the Avengers not for any political gain, but instead to "keep an eye on" the super powered beings that were in the world. Recently T'Challa chose Storm for his bride, and it was revealed that the two had had a history that spanned their entire lives. Their marriage is destined to change the entire course of human history and propel the land of Wakanda to the fore of the world.

There were rumors that Chiwetel Ejiofor was to assume the role; althought Djimon Hounsou was mentioned as well. Nothing has developed yet.

See the entire list of 15 HERE.


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