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Top 25 Black Superheroes Of All Time

Damn! Obviously someone had to dig REALLY deep to come up with this list. I don't know how many known black superheroes there are in the comic book universe, and wherever else they might exist; but, based on this rather pathetic list, it's obvious that genuine black superheroes are severely lacking!

Obvious names on the list include Blade, Luke Cage, Black Panther and Spawn; but when homeboy starts throwing out names like Blank Man, The Black Power Ranger and Frozone from The Incredibles movie, you know something's up!

The list is certainly meant to be humorous, but the truth as I mentioned above is evident.

So, here ya go. Follow the links - courtesy of AOL Black Voices: The "TOP 25 BLACK SUPERHEROES OF ALL TIME."

Don't laugh too hard!


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