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CHA-CHING - Top African American Celebrity Earners

What's the point of these Forbes magazine "top earner"/"worlds richest"/"biggest spenders" list, other than to remind us of the ever-increasing gap between the super elite and the proletariat? Although some might say that they are encouragement for the 98% of us that have to battle for the remaining 50% of the worlds wealth that the top 2% don't own. This too could be you, if you just worked hard, and had a few lucky balls bounce your way.

Yeah. Sure. If you say so.

So, here we are again, a month into the new year, and Forbes reminds/encourages us yet again, with another list - the "Top Earning African American Hollywood Celebrity Earners" from June 2007 to June 2008.

And, no surprise, her Royal Highness, Oprah Winfrey is at the top of that list! I think she's been #1 for at least a decade, if not more. So, she deserves the "Royal Highness" title. The big "O" earned a whopping $275 Million in that 12-month period! Wow! That's approximately, $750,000 per day! Can you imagine earning $750,000 every single day you worked? At my current annual salary, it'll take me several years to earn that kind of money; but she banks that amount daily! Damn...

Oprah, if you read my blog, as I'm sure you probably do, can you toss me a day's worth of your earnings? Just 1 day. You won't miss it... not one bit!

Second on the list is, *gasp*, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson! Who woulda thunk it? I knew the cat was wealthy, but not this wealthy - so much that he's ranked second behind her Royal Highness. 50 took home $151 Million from June 2007 to June 2008. Just as I was, you're probably wondering what exactly earned him all the cash? Well, there's his G-Unit clothing line, his record label, he was in at least 1 studio film I last year, and has others in production; then there are his video games, and lastly, platinum albums. He's a business man, and it's obvious he's making some smart decisions with his money, and not carelessly throwing it all away like a few others did previously. So, good job keeping your ship afloat Mr Cent.

And lastly, 3rd of the list is, also not a big surprise, Madea's alter ego, Mr Tyler Perry, who deposited $125 Million in the 12-month period. The man is everywhere, as you all know well - TV, film, print, stage... what else am I forgetting? Of course, he recently cut tape on a new production studio lot in his Atlanta, GA homestead.

So, combining the earnings of all 3 stars, we get a total of $551 Million. Not quite enough to cover the $700 billion TARP bill; but probably enough to feed a small African nation for a year.

For some unknown reason, Forbes lists just the above 3 celebrities. Maybe a full list is forthcoming some time later; unless I just missed it altogether.

Watch the accompanying Forbes video below while I go figure out how I can make my first million:


  1. The Wendilicious Wonder said...

    He's doubtless in the top 10, but I'm surprised "Big Willy" didn't make it to the top 3! Guess he's not quite as big as I thought he was.

    50c and Madea...? I'm surprised, but hey, good for them! Wonder if they'll ever topple Her Royal "O"nesses crown...? She's certainly an inspiration. Long may she reign!

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