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FRIDAY FUNNIES - Barack Stars In "The District"

Who knew that the Newsweek magazine staff could actually be creative and funny! Certainly not me... then again, I'm not an avid Newsweek reader, so...

Anyway, browsing over their website earlier today, I stumbled upon this wonderful little online video series they've created called The District, which is essentially a spoof of several MTV-like reality TV programs like The Hills, The Real World, and others. I'm sure you're all somewhat familiar with those titles.

The kicker? The District asks the question: ever wonder what it would be like if the makers of MTV's hit program The City, made a reality show about President Barack Obama's first 100 days in office?

Well, wonder no more!

Newsweek gives a red, white and blue makeover to "The City," the goes-down-easy MTV reality show about beautiful people taking over Gotham. Follow (Whitney) Barack as he moves into sprawling new digs in (Gramercy) Northwest D.C, battles (machinating socialites) Republicans and plays host to a bitchin' (gallery) inaugural party in this installment of (girl-rock crescendo; pregnant pause)..."The District."

I. Am. So. There :o)

The first episode appeared on Newsweek's website earlier this week, on Monday, and a new episode will be available for viewing weekly. So, check back next Monday for an all-new episode of... The District.

Below is the first of many to come. Enjoy:

The fellow impersonating Obama's voice sounds familiar. I think it's THIS GUY.


  1. SolShine7 said...

    LOL. I watch The City and this is a nice little parody.

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