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TOYS - New Japanese Obama Action Figures!

HA! I had a good time looking at these images. Gotta admit, the manufacturer did a decent job with his facial features. The doll looks eerily like the real Obama - maybe a "dieseled," chiseled interpretation of the man, but there's a likeness there, especially when compared to THIS SILLY FELLOW from last year.

And now, presenting the rest, in order: Darth Obama, Yakuza/Samurai Obama, Barack Bond and Obama the motivational speaker...

I have no idea how big these figurines are, or how much they cost, or if they are even for sale. The site I found them on is written in Japanese. But my trusty Google translator told me the following: All clothing is removable; it comes with other parts & accessories, like different hands making different gestures, as well as a selection of heads - each with its own facial expression. Cool right?

Check out more HERE. Maybe you'll learn more than I.


  1. Anonymous said...

    that's freaky

    made me think of "tales from the hood" a lil bit

  2. Anonymous said...

    might i add that the person that put him in those poses has a silly mind indeed

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