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THEATRE - Obama Musical Headed For London Stage... Minus Obama

It's too bad that the man can't profit from the commercialization of his own image. He'd be in Bill Gates net worth territory right about now.

The tee-shirts, dolls, buttons, stickers, cartoon characters, figurines, and this:

"Obama On My Mind," a stage musical about the historic campaign of President Barack Obama, is due to premiere in London this spring, producers announced this week.

The play's book, music and lyrics are by U.S.-born writer Teddy Hayes. On Wednesday, he described the show as a humorous romp set in an Obama campaign office, with songs that mix pop, gospel, jazz, "some Motownish stuff" and even tango, reports the Associated Press.

The musical will run at the Hen and Chickens theater in north London from March 3 to March 21. Casting has not been announced, but producers won't have to worry about finding a presidential lookalike — the Obama character never appears onstage.

"Nobody can really impersonate Obama, can they?" said Hayes. "He's a one-off."

Another Obama musical ran in Kenya, homeland of the president's late father, in November.

An Obama musical without an Obama. Ok. You'd expect that to be the real audience draw. Maybe they know something I don't.

The "Hen and Chickens" theater (image above) sounds like a riot!



  1. SolShine7 said...

    Stranger things have occurred. Like Robert Downey Jr. being nominated for an Academy Award in Tropic Thunder.

  2. Undercover Black Man said...

    ^ Regarding Downey... well, this is a good year to be black.

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