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Man, Fred Williamson starred in so many of these blaxploitation flicks during the era. Take a gander at the man's IMDB resume, and you'll find about 20 films with titles like Boss Nigger, Black Ceasar, Black Eye, and Mean Johnny Barrows. And the write-ups for each reads about the same.

If I had the will and the courage, I would participate in a Fred Williamson 70s marathon - watch every film he made in that decade, summarize and critique on this blog... or my podcast.

I don't think so... I'll leave that up to somebody else.

Never seen The Legend Of Nigger Charley above; although I've certainly heard of it.

Quick facts: It's the story of a trio of escaped slaves, headed by Fred Williamson as Nigger Charley.

It was followed by two sequels, The Soul of Nigger Charley and Boss Nigger. And based on those successive follow-ups, one could suggest that Charley moved up in the world.

The film was renamed The Legend of Black Charley for broadcast television. I'm surprised it actually screened on television. With that in mind, surely it couldn't be that bad, could it?



  1. Sergio said...

    But of course I've seen the Legend of Nigger Charley. I've seen ALL those blaxplotation films (over and over again) The good ones, the bad ones and the indifferent ones. Nigger Charley isn't that great, Pretty sloppily made (as were a lot of them) and as I recall with some pretty crummy cinematography. Soul of Nigger Charley is actually a lot better and much better photographed (in 'scope) It had a much bigger budget than the first one and was a lot slicker and professional.

    Boss Nigger isn't a sequel but another western with Williamson (he made a bunch of them around that time inclusing this one, Joshua and Adios Amigos with Richard Pryor) Boss is actually a lot of fun mainly thanks to the director Jack Arnold who was a long time Hollywood movie pro who directed a lot of B movies and TV series. He had previously directed Williamson in a detective movie Black Eye the year before. (I'm good ain't I and yeah I've seen that one too)) Obviously they worked so well together they decided to do it again.

    Boss Nigger, by the way, has just released last month on DVD under the title Boss

  2. Geniusbastard said...

    It's amazing how good so many of these posters look. And these aren't even A movies. The posters show how much the craft of movie poster design has declined in the era of Photoshop.

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