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UPDATE: 'Miss Sister 2008' Is No More!

I figured it would eventually happen... See my initial post about this HERE.

Courtesy of Reuters:

"The Italian priest who had planned an online "pageant" for nuns has suspended the project, saying he was misinterpreted and had no intention of putting sisters on a beauty catwalk.

"My superiors were not happy. The local bishop was not happy, but they did not understand me either," Father Antonio Rungi told Reuters by telephone from his convent in southern Italy Tuesday.

"It was not at all my intention to put nuns on the catwalk," said Rungi.
"We have to draw more attention to the world of nuns, who are often not sufficiently appreciated by society," he wrote, adding that he had hoped his initiative "would help boost sagging vocations to religious life.""

The most interesting thing to me from everything said above is the last sentence, which indicates that fewer men and women are choosing to "give their lives to God" and become priests, nuns and such. I didn't realize this... then again, I haven't really been paying much attention. I feel like that fact (assuming it is fact) warrants some further investigation. I'm curious as to how today's numbers compare to previous years, and what might be the cause of the downward trend, other than what feels like an increasing secularity across the globe.
I'll return with my findings eventually.


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