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Full Trailer - 'The Secret Life Of Bees'

I don't know... my first impressions of it when I first heard about the project a few months ago haven't changed much after seeing its full trailer below... ho-hum... another drama about Negroes from yesteryear, their struggles, and the white person they end up redeeming. I'll probably pass on this one... The film opens in 2 months. I won't be surprised if one or two of the cast members are recognized during award season next year.

Here's the trailer:


  1. Charles Judson said...

    Couldn't agree with you more there. What's more ho hum is that Queen and her clan appear to be Super-Negroes who live in their Fortress of Enlightenment.

    While the outside world is full of evil racism and a corrupt system, they live in a world in which they are all educated, enlightened and willing to take in anyone, regardless of race, because they are Super-Negroes.

    Hopefully that's just the trailer. However, can't we just tell interesting stories about Black Folks in which they aren't super special.

    So far, Love Jones is probably the only movie about well educated black folks that doesn't try to make them super special (super sexy yes--Nia girl, I'm still waiting, super special no) and that was over 10 years ago.

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