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Film Review - 'Traitor' (Don Cheadle As An Ass-Kicking Sudanese)

William Goss at Cinematical has seen Traitor (which opens today in parts of America) and posted his review - a mostly lukewarm reception. I wasn't aware that Cheadle's character in the movie is an American-raised Sudanese Muslim... intriguing... I wonder what impact his nationality and religion have on the overall story.

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- "Post-2001, the likes of TV's '24' and 'Sleeper Cell', and film's Jason Bourne franchise, have tapped into both our political climate and pop culture zeitgeist, into a globe-trotting, gun-toting fear of the here and there and always now. Jeffrey Nachmanoff's Traitor feels like the first film that has itself been directly spawned in the wake of those successes, as opposed to merely bolstered by it, and while it may overtake, say, Vantage Point in terms of plausible plotting and worldly knowledge, it remains a film that is good enough to grasp the bar and yet not quite enough to raise it."

The rest of the story here: Cinematical Traitor Review


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