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Wesley Snipes Watch - 2 Films On The Way

According to the AP, Wesley Snipes will be allowed to leave the U.S. to work on two movies while his lawyers appeal his tax convictions.

The report states that "Federal judge William Terrell Hodges on Wednesday approved the actor's motion to travel to London and Bangkok, Thailand."

Sounds intriguing! And what movies is Mr Snipes working on in each of these cities?

For you UK folks, he'll be in England for three days this month for postproduction editing of Gallowwalker, (a film I profiled here:
GALLOWWALKER); and then he'll be in Thailand for eight weeks to film Chasing the dragon. How phallic, won't you agree, not unlike the phrase "Draining the dragon."

Anywho... I couldn't find much on that film; but I did learn that the phrase, "Chasing the Dragon" is slang of Cantonese origin that refers to inhaling the smoke from heated morphine, heroin or opium, which is referred to as a dragon in some Asian cultures. So, I'll assume there's a connection. But something tells me both films will be straight-to-DVD releases. He's done quite a few of those I believe. Someone needs to ressurect Wesley, the way Tarantino helped bring Travolta back from oblivion, or as Jean Claude Van Damme appears to be doing for himself. Maybe a self-mocking piece - a film that carricatures the last few years of his life. I'll be looking out for both above films.

A jury convicted the action star in February of three counts of willfully failing to file his income taxes, and Snipes appealed the convictions and his three-year prison sentence to the 11th Circuit Court in Atlanta.

Prosecutors asked Hodges to deny Snipes' request to travel abroad, saying he was a flight risk.

I guess the judge over-ruled them!

BTW, Wesley's new "Malcolm X-ish" look is interesting.



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