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Wesley Snipes - From Day Walker To Gallow Walker

Apparently, while he was busy evading the tax man, Wesley Snipes found time to make this, his next film, entitled, Gallowwalker, a film labeled as a horror/western. The plot: When a nun broke her covenant with God to save the life of Aman, her unborn son, he was cursed for life. As an adult, Aman (Snipes) has killed those who have crossed him. But his curse brings his victims back to life, and as the undead, they pursue him endlessly for revenge. Forever suffering this curse, Aman enlists a young gunman, to fight by his side against his undead victims.

Sounds somewhat like The Blade Trilogy doesn't it?

The film was originally a vehicle for Chinese star, Chow Yun-Fat of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Pirates of the Caribbean fame, amongst many other notable titles. But apparently, nothing came of his involvement. I wonder why...

Anywho... looks like the film may get a theatrical release after all. According to the film's financial backer, Snipes's recent public tax woes have given the star and the film some much needed, unexpected, free press! No idea when it'll be released, and by whom. Although Lions Gate (home to Tyler Perry's library of work) does own USA home video (DVD) rights. You can check out the film's official website HERE and read all about it and more.

Here's the just released trailer:

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