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Two-Face's Twin?

Maybe it was immediately evident to others, but I only just realized the link that connects the character Two-Face from The Dark Knight movie and Anton Chigurh, the psychopathic killer on a mission, in last year's multiple Oscar-winning (although slightly over-rated IMHO) Coen brothers' film, No Country For Old Men.

The link? The infamous coin toss of course! "Heads" or "tails" determines whether you live or die, except Chigurh doesn't find it necessary to give a 30-second speech before flipping, as Two-Face does, explaining the reasons for the coin toss, and what each possible result is. Chigurh essentially blindsides you into making a choice for which you are entirely oblivious of the consequence.

So, I suppose I'd much rather go up against Two-Face than cross paths with Chigurh. At least with the former, I know what's at stake.

I wonder if Cormac McCarthy (author of No Country For Old Men) was influenced by "he of the dual facade," as he created Chigurh. After all, Two-Face has been around since the 1940s, long before Chigurh was born... on paper anyway!

"Call it... friendo..."


  1. Gordon said...

    Heh, I just noticed this myself upon rewatching No Country. How it took me this long to make the connection I'll never know. Would be interesting to ask McCarthy about it.

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