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So Long 'Technigga!'

Well, this ended quickly, as I expected it would! Power to the people, right? If you're not familiar, SEE MY INITIAL POST on this to catch up before reading this post.

Thanks to Sergio for the heads-up!

From EURweb:

- As reported in yesterday’s EUR, Verizon was under fire for picking up a distribution deal with 1938 Media, which created a video blog called “TechNigga.”

The concern regarding the deal between Verizon Wireless and 1938 Media was led by Najee Ali of Project Islamic Hope and Paul Porter of Industry Ears in an effort to maintain respect from Verizon Wireless to its African American customers.

Verizon heard the complaints of the groups and fortunately for all involved sided with those who feel that 1938 Media -- along with its founder Loren Feldman who is the star of TechNigga -- “promotes racism.”

Verizon Wireless, as immediately as yesterday morning, said that “clips from 1938 media were moved off our service this morning." Organizers Najee Ali and Paul Porter, were satisfied with the immediate attention Verizon gave to the concerns of the community.

Read the rest here: EURWEB TECHNIGGA


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