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'TechNigga' - Verizon's New Advertising Partner!

I debated with myself on whether I should post this. I've come to find it best to quickly dismiss this kind of ignorance, and would rather not give any airtime to imbeciles like the fellow below, because I feel like I'll only be pandering to their immaturity, and helping promote their brand of "gotcha" capitalism! But I also want to make sure others are aware of the kind of bullshit that takes place in corporate advertising, especially when specific "minority" groups are insulted or marginalized, as the clip below does quite unapologetically.

Here's the deal, courtesy of Black Talent News: A coalition of civil rights organizations and media watchdog groups are calling for Verizon CEO/President, Lowell C. McAdam, to drop Verizon's contract and distribution deal with Loren Feldman, president of 1938 Media (a media company), because of a racist and sexist video clip on the company's website called "TechNigga."

"Feldman - who is white - has a history of using the internet to promote racism and demeaning and negative racial stereotypes against African Americans on his internet site. He hosts and stars in the 3 minute long "TechNigga" skit on the company web site.

The civil rights groups and media watchdogs are calling for a boycott of Verizon until they drop their contract with Feldman and his company.

I expect that Verizon will eventually comply, given the evidence below; but who knows? They might not. Feldman is obviously free to create whatever brand of content he wants - he's a sole proprietor; but Verizon, being the public behemoth that it is, won't be afforded a similar kind of dismissal. That they would go into business with a jack-ass like this is baffling.

Here's the video clip of "TechNigga":




  1. Sergio said...

    Talk about side splitting, I'd like to split that guy's head. I'm telling you, Obama is making some people lose their minds...

  2. albertine said...

    Pushawww! Why even bother with this idiot. He probably thinks he's shockingly funny. Did Verizon double-check this dude before signing any agreements with him.

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