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Remember When?

I was just out of highschool, and on my way to college when this was released in 1991. It's still my favorite Dj Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince track. I remember classmates of mine hearing it for the first time back then, and saying that Will Smith's voice on this specific track sounded eerily similar to Rakim's (of Erik B & Rakim). Not quite, but I can understand the comparison.

This was years before Will's first box office success - of course I'm talking about 1996's Independence Day. And since then, homeboy has been hitting box office homeruns!

A little info for those who don't know: Jazzy Jeff has a part in Will's upcoming Oscar-bait film, Seven Pounds. Not sure how involved the part is. This will be the first time they've appeared on screen together since Will's Fresh Prince of Bel Air days. I did used to wonder if they were still close friends today. Jazz is 43 to Will Smith's 39. How time flies...!

Anyway, in honor of another hot, sticky, hazy New York summer day, I give you this:


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