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Morgan Freeman, The Wise Cook!

AHEM! Didn't Morgan Freeman say just 2 months ago that he wanted to "kill the Morgan Freeman you know and love," and that he was "sick of playing the all-knowing cop, the principal with a heart of gold, the voice-of-reason sidekick, the ultra-cool president, and he's tired of playing God?"

I believe the term he used to define all those archetypes was, "Mr. Gravitas," stating emphatically that "he wants him gone," and that, "there's a finite number of characters who are like that before you start repeating yourself ad nauseam."

Then why is Mr Freeman taking on yet another role that, on the surface, based on the description below, seems so very much like several characters he's played previously?

I don't know.

From Variety:

- Danny DeVito will direct "The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle," and has set Morgan Freeman, Pierce Brosnan and Saoirse Ronan to star.

DeVito wrote the script, an adaptation of the bestselling young adult novel, and the film is in pre-production, with shooting to begin in September.

Ronan will play the title character, a daring teen who makes a trans-Atlantic crossing from England to America in the 1830s and finds herself caught between a charismatic but ruthless captain and a mutinous crew. Brosnan will play the captain and Freeman plays the ship’s cook, who guides the young woman through the journey.

Maybe Mr Freeman plans on eliminating Mr Gravitas on the film after this one!



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