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Plastic Man - Coming Soon?

The Super Hero movie deluge continues.

Damn! When will the madness stop? Aren't the studios concerned that audiences will soon tire of the onslaught? It's getting ridiculous now.

In the next 2 to 3 years alone, there are several comic book super hero properties that are scheduled to make it to a theatre near you, and will likely include this one: Plastic Man! Yes, Plastic Man. He's not quite as well known as the "Super Mans" and "Batmans" of the super hero universe, but he does (or did) exist, and the infamous Wachowski Brothers (who brought us the Matrix trilogy and the recent box office bomb, Speed Racer) want to give him celluloid life, with Mr Stiff, Keanu Reeves, in the titular role!

What's the difference between this dude and the stretchy guy from the Fantastic Four? This is one super hero I'm not so sure I want to see on screen. Just look at him for chrisakes!!!!

From Latino Review:

- I've always been a fan of Plastic Man since I was a kid. He was much more personable than that stuffy ass Reed Richards. Now underwear inspector Devin over at CHUD is reporting on the Wachowski's wanting to make a movie based off of the character. His source from Berlin named Ballack says the Wachowski's want Keanu in the role.

Would a Plastic Man movie ever be greenlit? Speed Racer tanked at the box office (my review is here) so the Wachoswski weight may not be as mighty as it once was. But after creating the Matrix trilogy of films, the brothers probably don't have much to worry about.



  1. Catch said...

    Atlanta's National Black Arts Festival is hosting the Pan African Film Festival. Check out the website and recommend some films I should see (if you don't mind)

  2. The Obenson Report said...

    Isn't much there to choose from. Kirikou and the Sorceress, and Namibia: The Struggle For Liberation. I've seen Kirikou and recommend it. I haven't seen Namibia, but heard some good things about it. It's Charles Burnett's latest.

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