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Morgan Freeman Reaches An Epiphany... Finally!!

From Yahoo Movies:

Morgan Freeman has returned to Broadway with one goal in mind: to try to kill the Morgan Freeman you know and love.

He's sick of playing the all-knowing cop, the principal with a heart of gold, the voice-of-reason sidekick and the ultra-cool president. He's tired of playing God; he's done that twice.

Freeman has a nickname for that kind of role: Mr. Gravitas. And he wants him gone.

"There's a finite number of characters who are like that before you start repeating yourself ad nauseam. I think that's the bigger danger than being Mr. Gravitas," he says.

I am so glad that Mr Freeman finally recognized something about his career path that some of us have long been aware of and hoping that he'll decisively alter! Congratulations Mr Freeman on your seemingly newfound courage :o)

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