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'Law & Order: London'

After running its course here in the states (let's face it, the show is nowhere near as fresh nor popular as it was in its 90s prime, and I wonder why it's still on the air), the police procedural and legal drama television series, Law & Order, is headed across the pond to the U.K.

Not packaged American episodes, but rather reproduced in the U.K. for a U.K. audience - a rarity in American broadcast television, since we in the states are known very well across the world for "borrowing" TV shows (and films) from other countries and remaking them for American audiences. It's not often that the opposite happens.

The new show will be tentatively called, Law & Order: London, and is already in production, although it wouldn't broadcast until early next year, in a 9pm slot on ITV1, three nights a week before the 10pm news.

Some interesting facts about the show... did you know: This would be the first English-language version of L&O outside the US; NBC has spun-off Russian and French versions of the Special Victims Unit and Criminal Intent segments of the series; and that Law & Order is the longest running crime series on American television, entering its 18th season this week as well as the second-longest running American television series, behind the cowboy classic Gunsmoke.

I used to be a L&O junkie in the 90s, and into the early 2000s, even eating up reruns on the TNT and Bravo networks. But of the 4 variations, Criminal Intent is my favorite.



  1. vhsiv said...

    'Law & Order:London' -- WtF?!? The Brits have been doing procedurals longer and better than we have, but their procedurals don't bother going up the long chain of prosecution that L&o does.

    Are there even lawyer shows in the UK? The appeal of court scenes will be the deciding factor there, otherwise Dick Wolf is just trying to squeeze a last bit of soup from a stone b/c there's no way our cop dramas are going to beat theirs -- shows like 'Prime Suspect', 'The Vice' and 'Cracker' much less old-school stuff like 'The Sweeney'.

  2. The Obenson Report said...

    I'm sure my Brit readers will chime in eventually...

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