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Introducing - Dickipedia!

You've surely heard of Wikipedia - I don't think a day goes by when I don't find myself on the site for one reason or another. Well, now there's Dikipedia! Yes, Dickipedia! And given the name, you can probably guess what kind of content Dickipedia contains! No, no, no, no... get all those salacious thoughts out of your head. Not that kind of "dick"... but close enough.

Mimicking Wiki's visual layout and structure, Dickipedia acts as a repository of sorts for public men and women all over the world who have acted like dicks at one time or another - essentially a-holes! The site is updated regularly with new dicks, or current dicks who have done something that, once again, reminds us why they are dicks in the first place, cementing their dick-dom status!

The fledgling list contains notable names like Kobe Bryant, Naomi Campbell (yes, even women can be dicks too), Kanye West, Eddie Murphy, Robert Mugabe, and even Barack Obama - yup, the Democratic party nominee has apparently been a dick on a few occasions. I too was shocked :o)

Each name is accompanied by a brief bio, along with specifics on their shining moments of "dicky" activity.

Think this is a hoax? See for your self here: DICKIPEDIA


  1. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...

    LOL! Check Obama's entry and the name of his children under 'Personal Life' - funny.

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