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'I Am Legend' Prequel

Looks like all the rumors about a Prequel to last falls Will Smith blockbuster, I Am Legend, are no longer just rumors. The project is definitely in the works, with Will returning to assume his role as U.S. Army virologist, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Neville, (no relation to Aaron, of course) also known as the last man on earth!

I Am Legend was one of 2007's top grossers, with $584 million worldwide, so a prequel (or sequel) should be no surprise.

Director Francis Lawrence spoke at the ongoing Comic-Con International Convention in San Diego, where he confirmed rumors that he is working on the project.

Yes, yes, absolutely, we’re actually trying to crack that. We’re trying to figure out some ideas for it, but yes, it would be a prequel... In the prequel, it’s slightly different because it’s earlier. We were three years later so we did a lot of research into the way nature would have sort of overtaken the city, with the cracks in the streets and the weeds, so if it’s just back earlier, it’ll be slightly different so the approach will be different. We’re not positive of the time of the year, because if you go in winter, you can do some entirely different kinds of things.”

Good idea/bad idea? Who knows! When the film is released, we'll find out.



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