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Denzel And Batman In '28th Amendment'

In May I posted an entry on the very first pairing of Denzel Washington and Tom Cruise in a film called, The 28th Amendment, about a president who comes to find out that the United States is actually controlled by a super secret organization who will assassinate anyone who gets in its way. Cruise was to play the president and Denzel would play the head of the super secret organization who attempts to assasinate the president.

However, Tom Cruise has now jumped ship, and will no longer be starring in the film, due to some contract negotiation difficulties (probably monetary). And taking his place, as reported by, will be none other than the Dark Knight himself, Christian Bale!

MovieHole says that Warner Bros has made Bale an offer he can't refuse - to take Cruise’s place in the film. So, we'd see a Washington/Bale pairing - also a first!

As an aside, I suddenly feel like playing Six Degrees of Tyler Perry. I feel like I should have some kind of game show music here. I think I might play the game for every actor I name on this blog from here on... or until someone tells me to stop :o) If you don't know what Six Degrees Of Tyler Perry is, CLICK HERE. Except this time, I'm breaking the game wide open, and instead of only connecting Perry to black performers, I'm going to try to connect him to all performers regardless of race in 6 or less steps.

So, Christian Bale: Bale was in Shaft with Vanessa Willams (1), who was in Soul Food with Michael Beach (2), who was in First Sunday with Kat Williams (3), who was in The Perfect Holiday with Gabrielle Union (4), who was in Daddy's Little Girls directed by Tyler Perry (5). Who would have thought Batman could be connected to Madea in 5 steps!!



  1. Anonymous said...

    christian bale (Dark Knight)> Michael Jai White(Dark Knight), why did I Get Married, directed by Tyler Perry. Damn!! Thats Freaky!!!

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