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Denzel, Bad... Tom Cruise, Good... In 28th Amendment

A week ago, I posted an entry on the first onscreen collaboration between Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington, titled The 28th Amendment, about a president who comes to find out that the United States is actually controlled by a super secret organization who will assassinate anyone who gets in its way. The president realizes his newfound information puts him at the top of the Assassination List.

At the time, there was no word on who would be the protagonist (the president) and who would play the antagonist (likely the head of the super secret organization). The good folks at are reporting that Tom Cruise will play the President and Denzel will play the head of the super secret organization!

Interesting! I initially thought it would be the other way around. Tom Cruise is too short to be president ;o) I was also hoping for a possible foreshadowing of things to come in reality... Denzel as fictional black president... Obama in '08.

Interestingly, McCain is also rather short, at about 5ft 7inches, which is about how tall Tom Cruise is... hmmm... I smell a conspiracy :o)

However, it's worth noting that America's presidents, going all the way back to George Washington, have been overwhelming tall - at least 6ft.

But I digress...

Cruise will be the good guy president, and Denzel will be the baddie. I wonder if they'll have a fight scene. I'd like to see Tom take on Denzel. My money will be on Denzel though!

Ok, I'm done!



  1. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...

    So it looks like saintly black guy roles are a thing of the past. Having won an Oscar for his first major bad-boy role in 'Training Day' and following the success of 'American Gangster,' I guess Denzel has realised that bad can be... good!

    Then again, Tom could use some good-guy vibes. He's tried to make amends by inviting Oprah to his home to witness him not jumping on a couch; he hasn't made any outrageous indictments about anybody's health management recently; he's managed to, um, appease Germany (sorry, is that word allowed... especially with regard to Germans?) as evidenced by picking up a Bambi award last December (the German equivalent of an Oscar) for his pet project, 'Valkyrie' - and this coming some six months after the German government reportedly banned the film (or at least the shooting of it on location); and he's been quite normal (read lacking in hyperbolic media coverage) of late.

    So, Tom for president, then!

  2. The Obenson Report said...

    There's enough "meat" here for me to be curious this flick, much of which we've already detailed. We'll see if the execution holds up to expectations.

  3. Nic said...

    I tend to like Denzel bad or good. This sounds interesting enough...we'll see.

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