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Will Smith Wants To Be A Bollywood Star

An addendum to my 2 earlier Bollywood posts today... I just came across this on Australia's website:

Hancock actor Will Smith who has made his name by landing lead roles in a series of big blockbuster action movies – thinks it is time to try his hand at a different genre.

He said: “I’ve made a couple of speculative deals in India. We’ve got some "Bolly-Will" movies going on!”

Will also dismissed claims he is planning to make a follow-up to his hit movies ‘Bad Boys’ and Bad Boys 2... “I probably won’t do that. There have been pitches, and the concept is genius for Bad Boys 3
but I’ve moved on now.”

It was recently reported Will had begged director Michael Bay to let him reprise his role for a third time because his son is such a big fan of the movies.


Ya know, unlike Stallone and Schwarzenegger, I can actually see Will full on in a Bollywood movie, singing and dancing and everything :o)


  1. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...

    Yep, I can see it too! He's one Hollywood star who could actually do the cheesy kitsch that Bollywood films are made of and STILL come off looking cool!

    Mind you, I do wonder some times just how far he'll go before the image of His Jug-Eared Highness becomes just too much and people start getting turned off by him. Seems like he's got the staying power of a roach!

    Hey, good for him!

  2. albertine said...

    I was just thinking the same thing that UK Black Chick said, that Will Smith is one Hollywood star who could pull off a Bollywood movie. Even if he doesn't come off looking cool he'd still be ok, because he can do goofy and cheesy and get away with it.

    And to what UK said about him becoming over-exposed -- I was just reading something on Variety that said he was in what the writer called the "fluke zone," which means that he can do no wrong while he's in this zone. No matter what he does or how bad a movie he makes is, audiences will still support him. But the writer also said that no one can stay in the fluke zone for long. So it's a matter of time before his star gradually starts to shine less and less. I do think he needs to take a break for at least 1 year. He's in 2 movies this year.

  3. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...

    @ Albertine: Well, from what I've been reading about 'Hancock' in the last few days, he may just be skirting dangerously close to the outer regions of the zone...

    Let's just hope he can hang on in there a while longer though. His career has been an interesting one to watch and I'm sure he has a whole lot more up his sleeve to delight and surprise.

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