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The Fat Lady Is Warming Up - Death Of The Newspaper?

As I read this article, I tried to recollect when I last bought an actual newspaper, and I realized that it's been awhile. The same goes for magazines, although I'm more likely to invest in a mag.

With so much of the same content available on the web for free in most cases, and readily accessible, why would I? Frankly, why would anyone? I suppose, maybe those few people who are allergic to technology, or those who I've heard say that they love the feel of the paper in their palms, the smell of the ink, and the ritualistic habit of sitting in a comfortable lounge chair and flipping through the pages on a Sunday morning, while eating breakfast. How romantic :o)

Maybe it's a generational thing. Maybe the rest of us need to spend less time on our computers and relive the golden days, pre-web, 15 to 20 years ago, when stalwart periodicals with names that often ended with words like "Times," "Inquirer" and "Post" dominated the flow of news content from source to reader.

Nah! Not going to happen! Those days are long gone. The days of the
Gray lady's dominance are numbered, even if Rupert Murdoch eventually makes a play for her, which he's said he wouldn't; but after gobbling up the Wall Street Journal, why not the New York Times as well?

With the rise of independent upstarts like
The Huffington Post (there goes that word "Post" again) and The Drudge Report (disclaimer: I use "Report" in my blog title as well), and many, many, MANY others of varying sizes, the decline in newspaper readership should be of no surprise. In fact, I remember hearing several voices years ago, predicting this shift from the real to the virtual world. It's the 21st century capitalist's battleground. There's gold in them there mountains, so, get out your shovels and start digging, because the playing field has been leveled in this new territory (as long as Net Neutrality isn't blasted to bits). Anyone... and I mean anyone can win and win big. Just ask the likes of Variety Magazine and The Hollywood Reporter about the war that's being waged against them by the smaller independent film news sites.

So, when I read articles like this one below from the Gray Lady herself - her online version - I simply nod, shrug and grin. What else can I do.

From the
NY Times

Papers Facing Worst Year for Ad Revenue

For newspapers, the news has swiftly gone from bad to worse. This year is taking shape as their worst on record, with a double-digit drop in advertising revenue, raising serious questions about the survival of some papers and the solvency of their parent companies.

Read the whole story HERE.


  1. UK Black Chick aka Wendy said...

    Well, the internet has already hit the music industry hard and they've had to adjust. And the film industry is constantly thinking up ways to stem the flow or get in on the act (even if it's just viral marketing) and so it's inevitable that the written word will feel the pinch.

    I used to be an avid buyer of magazines and can't remember the last time I bought a paper.

    The time is certainly coming when most news and entertainment publications will have to rely solely on online advertising sales for their revenue.

    Sh!t happens.

  2. albertine said...

    What's a newspaper again? LOL!

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