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Jason Bourne In Africa?

That'll be the day! Just not today, nor tomorrow, not even in 2010 when the 4th installment of the Bourne franchise will hit theatres across the globe. I'm not surprised, and actually, this is one that I don't particularly mind. I've enjoyed the Bourne series, especially the last 2, since Paul Greengrass took over directing duties. He brought an urgency and realism to the franchise that Doug Liman, the director of the first Bourne, missed.

However, I'm not entirely sure that a 5th or 6th installment are necessary. End it on a high! That's one lesson that Hollywood execs never quite seem to learn. So, let's hope that this 4th Bourne will be the last. I think (at least I hope) Matt Damon is smart enough to know when to bow out.

According to the good folks at IESB.NET, who caught up with the producers of the film on the red carpet at the 34th Annual Saturn Awards on Tuesday night in Los Angeles, shooting will begin next summer for a release date in 2010, with Bourne heading to South America!!

Which brings me back to the title of this post - Jason Bourne in Africa? We always find our man Jason in some "exotic" locale; even when he's cracking skulls, he's usually doing it in front of some funky-fresh facade; he's passed through probably every city in Europe; He's been to Russia, America, India, and now South America. So, I say, how about placing Bourne somewhere in Africa?

Yes, I know, there were some scenes set in Morocco in the last installment, but, as far as I'm concerned, Morocco doesn't quite cut it (I'll be watching my mailbox for hate mail from Moroccans). Send that mofo to Zimbabwe, for example. Maybe he can put his combat skills to work there... so, instead of being sent on a mission to take out the fictional 'Wombosi' in The Bourne Identity, his target this time around could be Mugabe. Send him to Sudan to take on the janjaweed. Or, why not Cameroon? It's run by an extremely corrupt military dictatorship, which should provide Bourne with enough of a challenge, don't you think? His martial arts training will do him no good there. He'll need Yoda's Jedi mind control powers just to get out of the airport!

Bourne always wins in the end, which I guess is easy to do when you're going up against incompetent American secret service agents. But I don't know how well he'd fare in, let's say, The Congo. He may not even make it back stateside. Maybe that could be the 5th installment of the series, The Bourne Assasination or something like that. Or The Bourne Suicide. Or The Bourne SOS.

Nah, who am I kidding! I guess South America is as close to the Diaspora as he'll ever get. Although a trip to Rio for Jason during Carnaval season wouldn't be such a bad idea. I can already see the Capoeira-infused fight sequences!


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