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Film Review - 'Medicine For Melancholy'

My fellow black cinema blogger, The Invisible Woman (IW) , just posted a review of Medicine For Melancholy, a film she saw earlier this week at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and a film I've talked about several times on this blog. I haven't seen the film yet, but, now that IFC Films has picked it up for distribution, I'm sure it will play somewhere in my neck of the woods - specifically New York City - and after reading IW's review, as well as all the positive words I've read and heard about the film, I'm definitely looking forward to the experience!

As I stated on IW's review, what will be interesting to watch for is how IFC Films will market the film, whom they will market it to, and what parts of town it will play in, in whatever cities it does screen. Films like these rarely reach the intended audiences that the filmmakers often hope they will reach. That's not to say it's a film that can't be appreciated by anyone, regardless of ethnicity, because I'm sure it most certainly can. But, I think it's vital that films of this nature play to audiences that look like the people in the film itself. That would be nice!

Here's a snippet of IW's review:

- How do you court somebody you just met, but already f**ked? That may sound crass, but it is the genesis of a film I saw the other night at the LA Film Fest, and a movie that has been making a sort of a splash as of late. Medicine For Melancholy is a film that is interesting for more than just it's subject matter. It was made with very little money, but is shot in a way that steadfastly held my attention even before the storyline did... it is shot in the most beautiful sepia tones and pinks, which has a way of making everybody and everything look absolutely beautiful. The soundtrack was offbeat, but perfect for each scene when played.
Read it all HERE.


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