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Laurence Fishburne Is The Alchemist

I didn't know Laurence Fisburne previously owned the rights to adapt the bestselling novel, The Alchemist, for the screen, and has apparently been sitting on the project for several years! Why? Fishburne had funding for the film with money from Abu Dhabi business men and a Japanese media company called the Kadokawa Group (I didn't realize Fish had connections like that). However, the deal went sour thanks to disagreements over the script, which increased the film's budget to $100 million! I guess the financiers said, "no thanks Fish. Too much loot!"

Well... riding in on his pale white horse to save the day is none other than jolly Harvey Weinstein, who has reportedly purchased the rights to the book from Fishburne, for a tidy $3 million sum, and hired an Oscar-winning screenwriter to pen an adapted screenplay, scrapping the version Fishburne already has written.

However, Fishburne will still remain on the project as the director and producer, as well as star in the film! I haven't read The Alchemist, although I've heard lots of wonderful things from those I know who have; but given that the story is about a young Spaniard who embarks on a quest to find a hidden treasure within the Egyptian pyramids, I don't think Fishburne will be assuming the lead role. So what character will he play, while also producing and directing the film? I guess I should go read the book now!

Read the rest of the story at Variety Magazine.



  1. Baby Please said...

    I have the book and just this weekend said to myself I gotta re-read it. What a coincidence.

  2. The Obenson Report said...

    I'm going to pick up a copy myself and read it soon thereafter. Let me know your thoughts on it after you do read it!

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