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Freeze That Poop!

Watching the news on TV, this rainy New York morning, and was tickled by a commercial for a product called Poop Freeze for pets! The name says it all, I think. Initially, I thought it was a spoof of some kind, but soon realized that it wasn't.

What is Poop Freeze for pets? What the hell do you think?

The prose on the product's website says the following: You love your pet, but the messes they leave behind can be such a hassle! With laws requiring you to pick up after your dog, don't you wish there was an easier, more efficient way? Introducing Poop-Freeze™, the amazing pet product that every pet owner should have! With this revolutionary formula, all you do is spray your pet’s mess, wait 10 seconds for it to freeze and then pick it up and throw it away! Bring it with you when you take your dog for a walk, or keep it under the sink for when your pet has an "accident" in your house...

Just frost and toss :o)

Want some Poop Freeze of your own? Go to and order yours today for just $9.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. AND, as a BONUS for ordering today, you’ll get a second can of Poop-Freeze™ plus the Poop-Freeze™ Carry Tote, to hold your can of Poop-Freeze™! The commercial I initially saw is also on the site!

What are you waiting for?


  1. Baby Please said...

    Where were you three weeks ago when I was dog sitting and the bich shit on the floor 3x even though I walked her azz 3 times each day!!!!!!!

    Ahem... anyhoo, what an ingenious idea.

    I wish I could come up with an idea.

  2. The Obenson Report said...

    Sounds like that dog has some issues! Well, you can get your can of Poop Freeze now for the next time you pet-sit!

  3. Baby Please said...

    I think I will!

    I think she was mad cuz her master was gone.

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