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TRAILER - Precious


I got an email a little bit ago from a reader telling me that the trailer for
Precious (formerly known as Push: Based On The Novel By Sapphire), Lee Daniels' Sundance hit, is being shown with prints of Madea Goes to Jail!

So - you know what that means folks, don't you? You just may have to go see Madea Goes To Jail to see the trailer. HA!

I'm actually surprised it hasn't hit the web yet, since Madea Goes To Jail has been in release for 2 weekends. Although, I'm sure it will, soon enough.

Ya know... I wonder if the above news is partly responsible for the $65 Million box office return Madea Goes To Jail has earned since its release... many heard about the trailer news for Precious, and decided to purchase tickets for Madea, just to see the trailer.


Once I get my hands on it, rest assured that I'll post it.


  1. SolShine7 said...

    I know! It was a pleasant surprise. I saw a matinee of Madea Goes to Jail.

  2. The Wendilicious Wonder said...

    LOL. Funny!

    I reckon it has more to do with the fact that movie execs have struggled with how to market "Push," realising that what wins praise at Sundance is not necessarily mainstream fodder... that whole "black movies don't sell" dilemma they seem to have created in their mainly white minds.

    But, of course, Mr. Perry has proved that black movies DO sell! Maybe this is the dawn of critically acclaimed black movies to actually get marketed to black audiences and, of course, like all things culturally "black" it'll ripple through to a wider audience.

    Wow, imagine... Suddenly they realise black people have money too... and spend it!

    I guess Mr Perry and his dress are more valuable than we realised!


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