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GOOD MORNING - "Precious" Drops Out Of ND/NF!

Bummer!! I was really looking forward to the screening.

According to EURweb...

Sundance crowd-pleaser "Push: Based on a Novel by Sapphire," which has reportedly been renamed "Precious," has dropped out of its planned closing-night berth at the News Directors/New Films fest in New York.

According to the New York Daily News, the decision has nothing to do with the film's legal drama involving The Weinstein Co. and Lionsgate. Shortly after it became the major prizewinner in Sundance, "Push" was acquired by Lionsgate, which secured marketing support from Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry. It now plans a fall release for the film.

Recall my previous post announcing the film's closing-night screening at the News Directors/New Films series at New York's Lincoln Center - an event that highlights emerging talent culled from major festivals like Sundance, Toronto and others. The series runs from March 25 to April 5.

Well... New Yorkers like myself will have to wait until the fall like everyone else!

That seems like too long of a wait, IMHO. I would think the smart thing to do, especially from a business sense, would be to capitalize on the buzz that the film has received since its Sundance debut. By the time the fall comes around, there'll be a lot more competition for eyeballs, since that's when the studios release their Oscar-bait material.

Although, I suppose, Lionsgate could be priming Precious for an award season run, hence its fall release - maybe recognition for some of its stars, the screenplay, and even the director!

Regardless of what their reasons are, I certainly hope that they screen the film at other festivals between now and its fall release, if only to keep it on the lips and minds of interested audiences, as well as in the press. Disappearing for 7 or 8 months could be to its detriment!



  1. The Wendilicious Wonder said...

    I think the release date is certainly an indication that they're going for Oscar buzz.

    And that they're marketing it so early with the pre-Madea trailers means they mean to rake it in both commercially and critically. Sundance, box-office smash, oscar nominations...!

    I'm thinking Lionsgate will be the distributor of choice for most black filmmakers... and, of course, the others will follow suit once they get a whiff of the black dollar. The scramble for African-Americans... LOL. I'm guessing we can expect a slew of black movies in the next couple of years...

    Reminds me of the whole post Boyz n The Hood era... Juice, Menace II Society, et al... I did love Fear of a Black Hat, though, once it gets around to spoofs, you know that "theme" is pretty much done and dusted.

  2. SolShine7 said...

    Yep. It looks like they're aiming for some Oscar recognition which is quite possible considering Precious was tops at Sundance. Wouldn't it be a little strange to see Monique nominated for best supporting actress? I would have never imagined that back when she was on The Parkers, but people surprise you.

  3. Aziza said...

    Awww! I was looking forward to seeing it to. I told all my New York friends and everything.

    I agree that it shouldn't disappear for too long.

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