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GOOD MORNING - Tyler Perry Wants To Kill Madea And You Can Assist!

I'm sure some of you will absolutely LOVE this...

From EURweb:

While Perry's non-Madea movies have been well received at the box office, the films in which he stars as the character fare substantially better in ticket sales, which puts the filmmaker in a quandary.


Still, Perry confesses: "I would love to see Madea die a slow death in the next film." The reason? It takes a lot of effort to turn the 6-foot-5-inch Perry into big momma Madea.

He knows she's "a whole lot of fun to watch. But to do it is a nightmare," Perry tells the Associated Press. "It's all one suit that I'm zipped into, so it's all heavy. The hips are heavy. And the more I sweat, the heavier it gets. I see why women have back problems who have large breasts. Holding those things upright can be tough."


Perry said that it's clear that fans want more of her. "As long as they want to see her, she'll stay around. But, I'm telling you, if they ever stop coming, she's going to die a quick death. 'Madea's Funeral.' That's what you look forward to."

Well... there you go folks... why don't you give Tyler all the incentive he needs to kill Madea: Stop paying to see "her" perform! From all of the above, it's obvious that Tyler would love that as well, so help a brotha out!



  1. Sergio said...

    PLEEEEEASE! Who is he fooling? He LOVES to wear that dress and make-up...even at home. He's a trannie to the core

  2. The Wendilicious Wonder said...

    LOL! Sadly, I think you might be speaking to the wrong crowd.

    I get the impression that most of your readers aren't exactly enamoured of him, or Madea, and haven't contributed much, if anything, to Mr Perry's fortune.

    And Mr Perry has pretty much confirmed what I've always felt - as long as they keep coming, he'll keep making the same schtick over, and over, and over and over...!

    Neither Perry nor Lionsgate seem to be willing, or able, to give up on that cash cow - the bigger her udders, the better!


  3. Anonymous said...

    Madea die? Noooo. Never.

    I don't want her dead.

    I want her and Tyler Perry (aka. the devil) to become one. I want that synthetic fat suit to melt into Tyler Perry's ashy skin, forever melding the two together. He should at least be condemned to the same hermaphrodite-hell he so boldly capitalized from.

  4. Invisible Woman said...

    Damn anonymous! lol

  5. SolShine7 said...

    I saw Madea Goes to Jail the other day and it would be nice if he finally put her to bed. I enjoyed her in the first two movies (Diary & Family Reunion) but I also enjoyed when Madea wasn't there in Daddy's and Why Did I Get Married. She was a fun a character though!

  6. Anonymous said...

    Madea go to Hell!!

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