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TRAILER - Laurence Fishburne's CSI Debut

CBS has released a trailer promoting next week's debut of Laurence Fishburne on TV's highest-rated series, CSI.

As previously reported, Fishburne is replacing the exiting William Peterson, who plays Las Vegas Crime Lab supervisor Gil Grissom. Fishburne's character, Dr. Raymond Langston, is a former pathologist who left his profession to write books and lecture.

Fishburne and Peterson also appear together in next week's episode before Grissom makes his final appearance in January.

At least, he can now count on a steady paycheck, right? There isn't much in Hollywood these days for aging African American actors/actresses. Unless you're content with playing the asexual elderly black sage who counsels some conflicted Caucasian soul, using packaged words of wisdom and zen-like speechifying (just ask Morgan Freeman).

Fishburne's debut airs next week Thursday, the 11th.

You think CBS has high hopes for Fishburne's addition to the CSI cast?

Watch the trailer:


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