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OJ Simpson Gets 15 years

Not film related, but worthy of a quick mention...

Former football great OJ Simpson was sentenced by a Las Vegas judge to serve 15 years in prison for a Las Vegas hotel armed robbery.

"The Juice" will have to serve at least six years before being eligible for parole.

Goodbye OJ. Good riddance.

Although, I do think he got PUNKED! Who the hell were his attorneys? Court-appointed public defenders?

How does one get a 15 year sentence for armed robbery, especially one in which no one was hurt, and that was so obviously ill-conceived and just plain DUMB on his part to even consider initiating, considering how much he's been vilified since being set free for the murders of his then ex-wife and her lover. It should have been OBVIOUS to him that he was a wanted man, and any opportunities to lock him up or take him out, no matter how silly and contrived, would be relished!

If I were him, I would have spent the rest of my life quietly, in solitude. No splash and dash; no glitz and glam. Just disappear, instead of storming into hotel rooms with weapons, to steal back sports memorabilia, even if, as he claims, the items belonged to him, and he was there to reclaim them by force!

Dude, you screwed yourself, and now you're paying the price! I think you got a raw deal via your excessive sentence, but you should have seen this coming before you got into your car to drive to the now infamous Las Vegas hotel room, armed with a weapon.

It's time to go away now OJ. Try to be a good boy for the next 6 years, and you just might get out a lot sooner than 15 years!



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