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Spotlight - Effie T. Brown

Effie T Brown
It's important that we acknowledge those who are creating options for themselves in the film industry, and advancing, thanks to their hard work, commitment and resilience, amongst other traits.

Effie T. Brown is one of those people, via her 7-year old, Los Angeles-based production company, Duly Noted Inc.

She got her start as an IFP Project Involve fellow, and quickly worked her way up through the ranks to become the Director of Development for Tim Burton Productions in 1995.

Eager to try her hand at producing, she landed assignments as Line Producer on feature films including Desert Blue (1998), starring Kate Hudson and Christina Ricci; But I’m a Cheerleader (1999), starring Natasha Lyonne; and Things You Can Tell Just By Looking at Her (2000), starring Glenn Close, Cameron Diaz, and Holly Hunter.

Eventually, she took on the role of Producer on a few critically acclaimed, awarding-winning HBO projects, including: Stranger Inside (directed by Cheryl Dunye, 2001, Sundance Film Festival entry); Real Women Have Curves (directed by Patricia Cardosa, 2002, winner of Sundance Film Festival’s Audience Award); and Everyday People (2004, Jim McKay, also a Sundance entry).

Brown later served as executive producer on In the Cut (2003, directed by Jane Campion).

In 2001, she took her years of experience and launched her own production company, Duly Noted Inc., where she continues to produce original film projects by emerging and established filmmakers.

Altogether thus far, Duly Noted Inc has 7 films in its production library, whether past or future releases, including a film called Rocket Science, which won the Sundance 2007 Grand Jury Prize for Directing, and was picked up for distribution and later released theatrically by Picture House.

Most recently, Brown was able to secure Mos Def and Erykah Badu to star in a film called Bobby Zero, also under the Duly Noted Inc umbrella, written and directed by award-winning writing and directing team, Markus & Mason Canter.

Other Duly Noted projects slated for production include: Vamp starring Tilda Swinton; Polish Bar starring Judd Hirsch, Meatloaf, and Golden Brooks; and Bury Me Standing starring Kerry Washington, Alfre Woodard, Mos Def, and Kat Williams.

To learn more about any of these projects, as well as Effie T Brown, visit the Duly Noted Inc website at

Given just how successful she's been in the past, I'd say that she's definitely someone to pay attention to, from now on.


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