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Book Recommendation - "Slave Cinema"

Author and filmmaker Andre Seewood sent me a copy of his book titled,
Slave Cinema: The Crisis of the African-American in Film.

I received it in the mail yesterday, so I haven't read much of it yet, although I have gone through it sporadically since then. And, much of what I've seen thus far has been intriguing enough to make me anxious to read the rest of it, which I hope to do by the end of this week.

If I do, I'll certainly talk about it at length during next Monday night's podcast recording, and will try to get Andre Seewood as a guest to talk about the book.

From Amazon:

Using a rich compendium of evidence and a provocative perspective, SLAVE CINEMA takes a thorough and uncompromising look at African-American cinema, African-American social identity and the American film industry. This book addresses the specific artistic, ideological and moral challenges that face every African-American filmmaker. It is broken into three main parts: Slave Cinema part 1: The Crisis of African-American Independent Cinema. Slave Cinema part 2: Five Assumptions of Race that Shackle African-Americans in Film. Slave Cinema part 3: Five Errors that Constrict African-American Cinematic Style.

In the meantime, if you're so inclined, check out Andre's book which is available on right now for a paltry $20, and arm yourself with knowledge!


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