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We've Come For What's Ours!

"Let's get into the inner workings and the meaning of this. Let's get into the inner workings and the meaning of a black revolution and why black people have a right to take what's theirs. So the concept is this, basically: The whole black nation has to be put together as a black army and we're going to walk on this nation. We're going to walk on this racist power structure. And we're going to say to the whole damn government, "Stick 'em up, motherfucker. This is a hold-up! We come for what's ours!"" BOBBY SEALE, Co-Founder, Black Panther Party [at a rally]

From Aljazeera:
Shell facility attacked in Nigeria

An armed group seeking a greater share of oil wealth in Nigeria says it has destroyed part of Shell's operation in the Niger Delta.

The claim came days after the group, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (Mend), declared an "oil war" on foreign companies working in the country.

"A very major trunk crude oil pipeline we believe may belong to both Agip and Shell has been blown up today," the group said in an emailed statement on Wednesday.
It is the third attack in 48 hours on a Shell installation.

Sarah Simpson, a journalist reporting from Lagos, told Al Jazeera: "Shell are still investigating into Mend's report, but they are not yet able to comment on the situation.

"If indeed there has been an attack, it could be a significant pipeline. Most likely a pipeline carrying crude oil, which could affect Nigeria's oil exports.

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