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'Obama Sex Video' Spyware Spreading Via Email

I know that there are people who would actually fall for obvious shit like this, which is partly why I am posting this entry about it.

According to technology news website, CNET, a malicious spam e-mail is spreading that claims to have a link to a sex video of Obama. Instead, it's spyware that steals sensitive data from your computer.
The subject line will say something like "Obama sex video!!!" and the e-mail appears to come from ""

Clicking on the link downloads an executable file that plays an amateur porn video, but, no suprise, Obama is not in it.
Meanwhile, unbeknown to you, a Trojan horse is installed which targets Windows machines and steals usernames, passwords, bank account data, and the like.

Is it the work of the Republicans? Probably not. However, as Lorca warned... beware, and beware, and beware...



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