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Listen Up! GOP Trying To Surpress African American Votes

This doesn't surprise me...

Just as they did in 2000, those dastardly Repubes are already trying to manipulate that already suspect participatory process we call voting. At least this time, we've been made fully aware of their intentions ahead of D-Day in November, so, I certainly hope the Dems will act aggressively to intercept.

We can't let this one slip away just like we did 8 years ago, and into the hands of an unabashedly conservative Supreme Court.

Here are the specs:

- First in Indiana and Wisconsin, read this article from Newsweek: ‘Jim Crawford’ Republicans
- Then in Michigan, read this piece from The Michigan Messenger:
Lose Your House, Lose Your Vote

In the meantime, those of you in Indiana who don't have some form of national identification (driver license, state ID, passport), do yourself and your country a favor, and head to your local DMV to handle that shit ASAP! It'll truly SUCK to lose an election over such a minor technicality.


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