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"What's So Scary About Michelle Obama?"

I have no idea. But Radar Magazine wants to know below... asking questions like, "Why does she hate whitey?", and "Why is she so angry?"... also included is a side-by-side Hillary Clinton comparison. Get your chuckles below...

- According to a recent poll, Michelle Obama's so-called favorability rating is abysmal (35 percent aren't feeling her, while only 30 percent are). Among whites the numbers are even worse. Since the would-be first lady has yet to eviscerate a baby panda on live TV (okay, that we know of), it's hard not to wonder whether something else is going on. Something shhh!—racial.

If nothing else, the hysterical media reaction to the notion of a fist-bumping first lady (this Harvard-educated attorney calls people "whitey"? Really?) serves as a reminder that on the rare occasions when a black woman has been a central figure in a presidential campaign, it's more often been as an object of scorn than of praise. For every Shirley Chisholm, the New York City congresswoman who made a White House run in 1972, there have been plenty more sisters getting demonized for political gain.

It all goes back to "this wench," as one proto-tabloid hack dubbed slave Sally Hemings in 1802. Contemporary scandal-sheet accounts claiming that Thomas Jefferson had taken Hemings as "a concubine" were prime oppo research fodder for his Federalist opponents.

The rest here: Don't Hate... Appreciate!


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